Designing a comprehensive brand guidelines file is a time-consuming task.

It doesn’t have to be.

The (Save-Time-Money-and-Resources) STMR™ Brand Guidelines Template helps you finish this task fast. Like, REALLY FAST.

With its plug-and-play, one-click global edits, and carefully written & designed content, you can now focus on actually designing the BRAND IDENTITY, instead of its PRESENTATION.

What’s Inside

  • 10 Sections: The Content, Our Logo, Color Palette, Typography, Visual Elements, Iconography, Photography, Brand Applications & Mockups, Social Media Kit, and Contact Us.
  • Size: 1920 x 1080 pixels designed for full-screen 
  • Custom grid
  • Adobe Illustrator File (Ai)
  • 57+ Numbered pages
  • Easy to change fonts and color palette
  • Named Layered document
  • Help video included

Look Inside!


  • Design Agencies
  • Art Directors
  • Brand Identity Designers

After years of working as a brand identity designer, I found that the worst way to present a visual identity to a client is to send it as a group of random images.

However, a proven method is to present the visual identity using a brand identity guidelines file.

Now, this brings us to a dilemma facing every brand identity designer and design agency, which is:

How to create a brand identity presentation fast and on a budget?

When I was a newbie designer, I faced this problem a lot, and each time I was focused on the actual design itself, unaware that I couldn’t send these designs as a set of random images.

Each time I missed the deadlines with no convincing excuse, and this has hurt my relationship with my early clients.

I’m sorry.

But after working on a lot of projects, I found some mediocre solutions, like:

  • Add the time required to prepare the brand identity guidelines file within the project deadline, which sometimes racks up to five days.
  • Adding the cost of preparing the brand identity guidelines file to the scope of the project causes some clients to abandon it altogether, thus, decreasing the final quality of the output.

Nonetheless, there will always be something breathing down our necks.

  • So, I decided to look up a solution to this problem that will enable me to reduce the time and effort required to prepare the brand identity guidelines file.

My research led me to different solutions, among them:

1- Pay money to a designer to prepare the presentation file for me:

This means, the quality won’t be consistent, at least without me micromanaging it, which will cost me valuable time.

2- Purchase a ready-made template for the visual identity presentation file from template platforms such as Envato,… etc.

After purchasing and experimenting with nearly ten templates, I reached a disappointing result, as all the ready-made templates lack many important things for preparing a visual identity presentation file, including the actual content of the template, the ease of customization, and the arrangement and general shape of the template.

Disappointments continued.

So I decided to solve this problem once and for all.

Every day I devoted several hours to working on a solution that would be the best in the world.

After a month of hard work, I finally reached a solution.

Then, I tested the solution with many large-scale brand identity projects, and frankly, the result surprised me.

I was able to create brand identity guidelines files in no time and with minimal effort.

Better yet, the quality of the outcome increased dramatically, due to allocating the restored time to working on the actual visual identities instead of its presentation.

I sent the solution to a couple of my colleagues, and their reactions were almost the same: “Thank you, Kamal, you have saved me a lot of valuable time”

So here I am offering this solution to everyone who wants to save their valuable time.

What is this solution?

It is a brand identity guideline template like never before.

But before I launched, I was looking to name it, and after a while, I found the perfect name.

Today I am glad to launch the best brand guideline template in the world. Not Kidding.

Since it will help you save time, money, and resources I decided to call it:

STMR™ | Brand Guidelines Template.

STMR™ = Save Time, Money, and Resources

What are the features of this template?

  • It includes all aspects of visual identity, not just two or three parts.
  • It’s content you can actually use, not just Lorem Ipsum.
  • You can easily and quickly customize all template content.
  •  You can use the template designs and build upon them.
  • You can change the global fonts with one click.
  • You can change the global colors with one click.
  • Add content without having to format and arrange it from scratch.
  • You can change the page’s names and descriptions with one click.

The template is prepared in a way that newbies or professional but busy designers will be able to produce world-class brand identity guideline files in no time.

I wish I had a template like this years ago. Only God knows how much time and effort I would have saved.

Yes. It already saved me a tone of time, money, and resources.

The Ai version of the template, and a video guide. No other fluff and bouns nonsense.

English. Buy this and you’ll get the Arabic version for free when it’s out.

No. It works on Adobe Illustrator.

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